9 Ball House Rules


1. The only requirement for the rack, is the 1 ball on the spot and the 9 ball in the middle.


2. The lowest ball in numerical order on the table must be hit first, (This includes the break shot) for it to be a good hit. Any pocketed ball after a good hit, then you can continue at the table shooting. If you do not make a good hit on the lowest numerical ball on the table, it is a bad hit. (In alternate shot, each player will alternate turns, if a ball is made or not)


3. It is not necessary to call shots or intended pockets.


4. If you make a bad hit, scratch or foul, your opponent has cue ball in hand anywhere.


5. If you do not make a ball, it is also considered a bad hit, if the cue ball or any other

ball, does not hit a rail, after, legal contact has been made with the object ball.


6. On a foul, all pocketed balls stay down, except the 9 ball. The 9 ball shall be spotted on the spot (either the head or foot spot) , of the incoming players choice.


7. After the break shot only, the next shot, you or the incoming player, has the option of a PUSH. That means, you are allowed to do anything you wish, (example) you can roll the ball without hitting a ball or rail, you may pocket any ball, you can make a bad hit, you can even scratch. (But you must do something with the cue ball.) ...But then your opponent has the option of shooting the next shot or passing the shot back to you. In the alternate shot format, the PUSH is not considered as a shot, so if you PUSH and get the shot back, it would still be the PUSHING players shot. The GIVE BACK shot does not count as a shot either, (so if you give it back, it would be that players shot, the next time it is for that team to shoot). BE SURE TO ANNOUNCE THAT YOU ARE GOING TO PUSH, BEFORE THE SHOT, so as to not be confused with taking a normal shot.


8. Legally make the 9 ball at anytime, and you win.


9. If you accidently touch or move a ball before or after the shot, it is not a foul. Just put it back as close as possible to where the ball was.


10. Three consecutive fouls, is loss of game.


11. In Alternate shot. Before the match starts, designate which player will shoot the first shot of the ODD numbered games and the other partner will shoot the first shot of the EVEN numbered games, for the entire match. The first shot can be the Break Shot or a Normal Shot.


12. Lag to see who breaks first. Winner breaks there after.


13. The County Cup of Pool, each match is a race to 15.


14. The County Pool Masters, first two rounds is a race to 9 and the championship match is a race to 19.


15. Situation rule: Player A makes a good hit and knocks a ball off the table. The ball is considered to be pocketed. It is not a foul, BUT, Player B (the opponent) has the option of shooting the next shot or giving it back to Player A.


16. In alternate shot. If a team shoots out of order, and it was not intentional, just keep shooting with that order till the end of that rack.