9 ball Pool masters
9 ball Pool masters

The County Pool Masters is a 9 Ball single elimination bracketed tournament. 8 players will be drawn out randomly. The first two rounds are a race to 9, played at two different houses on Friday night. The championship match is a race to 19 on Saturday night by the two finalists.  The lowest seeded player (1 being the lowest) will be the host.

The field of players

  • Rodney Biggerstaff
  • Terry Evans
  • Murrell Collins
  • Tommy Geralds
  • Andy Strong
  • Wesley King
  • Casey Tooley
  • Tony Scott
terry evans cpounty pool master 2022
terry evans cpounty pool master 2022

Congratulations !
Terry evans

2022 county pool master

click here for video of the championship match 

the video on the youtube version is much plainer, but keeps freezing for some technical reason?